Integrated management of public-private resources to finance Research, Development and Technological Innovation projects.


  • Advice on funding for R & D + i.
  • Integrated management of public support in several areas:
    • National
    • European
    • Regional
  • Help in finding partners

We are members of the Network PIDI of CDTI, this allows us to have direct contact with CDTI and meet all the requests that come through the advisory link posted on the site of CDTI: in which anyone can enter without prior identification.

La Salle Technova Barcelona has a wide experience in handling public funds for technology startups.

In recent years, we have achieved more than € 23M for the companies in our community.


ENISA: Young Entrepreneurs. Loans between 25000-75000 €.

ENISA: Competitiveness, Technology. Loans up to € 1.5 million.

CDTI: NEOTEC. Loans up to € 250,000.

CDTI: PID. Loans from € 240,000.

Caixa Capital Risc. Participative loan from € 50,000, convertible investment in the company.