How the company ApperSt. can use Big Data to improve its business model and value proposition?

La Salle Technova, together with Dime Network are organizing the “Big Data Challenge, a vision of Future”. A 2-day event where programmers, designers and business profiles will come together to solve a challenge proposed by the company Apper Street and analyze how the exploitation of Big Data could help them improve their business model.

When: November 20th-21st 2016

Where: Barcelona

Award: price for best proposal 600€

Legal terms: HERE

Registration: via e-mail at bpineiro@technovabarcelona.org before November 18th 2016.

Limited places.

Places: 20

Participation is free.

The case:

Technological Suite ApperSt. for restaurants with delivery service and / or takeaway is storing data on different fields related to food, eating habits, meal times, areas of delivery, people with food allergies and many other data collected by users of this service.

Soon these users will be on the main areas of Europe, and even start to be in the US so we can guess that this collection and management of data can be overwhelming. Therefore in ApperSt. they believe its Database has a great potential both as user information and its company, but also as another line differentiated from its core business, which is the marketing of its technology suite for restaurants with delivery service.

Today, in a BETA phase, with its minimum viable product (global launch in December 2015), present in 7 establishments and for a period of 9 months have collected information on 40,000 customers, 97,000 orders, 738,000 products sold and 3,400 000 € sold online from APP and WEB.

Therefore, they pose this interesting and ambitious challenge, which, in the words of its CEO, Xavier March, it's summarized as follows:

"Anticipating that we will have a large database, we hope that this challenge will provide us with a new business model / resources to allocate / roadmap to optimize and exploit all the information that will be gradually accumulating as our core business grows ".


ApperStreet Web

Marco Laucelli's presentation video, expert in this challenge: https://vimeo.com/144878192

Request your registration by sending an email to  bpineiro@technovabarcelona.org before Wednesday, November 18th and we will inform you about the next steps.