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Fernando Ozores photo

Fernando Ozores

Specialist in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
Jose Emilio Serra photo

José Emilio Serra

Energy Sector Expert
Jordi García photo

Jordi García

Data consultor for startups, companies and universities
Jordi Molla photo

Jordi Molla

Advisor, trainer and coach
Jordi Gili photo

Jordi Gili

Managing Director at Execus | Global Speaker
Helena Torras photo

Helena Torras

Digital Non-Executive Director. Investor. CEO. Former KPMG
Jimena Llopis photo

Jimena Llopis

Regional Director The Alpha Group International
Josep Jorge photo

Josep Jorge

Partner-Director at Fomenti
Caio Araujo photo

Caio Araujo

Digital Transformation & entrepreneurship in Up Spain
Esther Somoza photo

Esther Somoza

Founder DelSom Consultores
Miquel Subirats photo

Miquel Subirats

CEO & Co-Founder at StockAgile
Miguel A López Trujillo photo

Miguel A. López Trujillo

Business & Fundraising Coach
Jesús Purroy photo

Jesús Purroy

Entrepreneur at Àvida Biotech
Paulo Revilla photo

Paulo Revilla

Senior Manager - Head of Services at Endeavor