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  • Jose Emilio Serra photo

    José Emilio Serra

    Energy Sector Expert
  • Xavier Balague photo

    Xavier Balagué

    Linkedin InStruct · Specialist in Digital Marketing and B2B Business Development
  • Jesús Purroy photo

    Jesús Purroy

    Entrepreneur at Àvida Biotech
  • Jimena Llopis photo

    Jimena Llopis

    Regional Director The Alpha Group International
  • Paulo Revilla photo

    Paulo Revilla

    Senior Manager - Head of Services at Endeavor
  • Caio Araujo photo

    Caio Araujo

    Digital Transformation & entrepreneurship in Up Spain
  • Fernando Ozores photo

    Fernando Ozores

    Specialist in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Jordi García photo

    Jordi García

    Data consultor for startups, companies and universities
  • Esther Cid photo

    Esther Cid

    Psychologist · Global Talent Partner · Forbes Most Creative in Business
  • Miguel A López Trujillo photo

    Miguel A. López Trujillo

    Business & Fundraising Coach
  • Jordi Gili photo

    Jordi Gili

    Managing Director at Execus | Global Speaker
  • Esther Somoza photo

    Esther Somoza

    Founder DelSom Consultores
  • Jordi Molla photo

    Jordi Molla

    Advisor, trainer and coach
  • Robert Burgell photo

    Robert Burgell

    Venture Capital Lawyer · Legal advisor for Investment funds
  • Josep Jorge photo

    Josep Jorge

    Partner-Director at Fomenti
  • Miquel Subirats photo

    Miquel Subirats

    CEO & Co-Founder at StockAgile
  • Helena Torras photo

    Helena Torras

    Digital Non-Executive Director. Investor. CEO. Former KPMG