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  • Jordi Gili photo

    Jordi Gili

    Managing Director at Execus | Global Speaker
  • Helena Torras photo

    Helena Torras

    Digital Non-Executive Director. Investor. CEO. Former KPMG
  • Jesús Purroy photo

    Jesús Purroy

    Entrepreneur at Àvida Biotech
  • Miquel Subirats photo

    Miquel Subirats

    CEO & Co-Founder at StockAgile
  • Jordi Garrido

    Jordi Garrido

    Management professor, writer, multi-entrepreneur and passionate about teaching and the business world.
  • Caio Araujo photo

    Caio Araujo

    Digital Transformation & entrepreneurship in Up Spain
  • Pol Fontquerni

    Pol Fontquerni

    Commercial lawyer specialized in the Digital Market, Intellectual Property and Privacy, also acting before judicial litigation.
  • Ignasi Pérez Arnal

    Ignasi Pérez Arnal

    Experience in creating, developing, internationalizing and communicating materials, products and services related to sustainable urbanism, industrialized architecture, eco-design.
  • Jordi García photo

    Jordi García

    Data consultor for startups, companies and universities
  • Paco Gómez

    Paco Gómez

    Experience in commercial and business development areas in companies, corporations and entities of diverse nature together with an extensive entrepreneurial activity
  • Javier De la Ossa

    Javier De La Ossa

    Expert in supporting high-impact and high-growth entrepreneurs
  • Gerard Valverde

    Gerard Valverde

    Venture Capital with more than 10 years of experience leading and managing investments, private equity, venture capital and wealth management.
  • Albert Riba

    Albert Riba

    Personal and organizational transformation based on a mindset of change.
  • Conrado Carnal

    Conrado Carnal

    Founding Partner of G6 Investors and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mentor.
  • Alberto Moral

    Alberto Moral

    Lawyer specialized in commercial, financial-regulatory and tax law.
  • Juan Carlos Artigas

    Juan Carlos Artigas

    Philosophy and Letters degree and postgraduate degree in Business Management and Services and Innovation
  • Tania Sagaste

    Tania Sagaste

    Experience in startups, venture capital, business and project management related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Fernando Ozores photo

    Fernando Ozores

    Specialist in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Silvia Rivela

    Silvia Rivela

    Specialist in Future of Work, change management processes, strategic design and office construction.
  • Imma Pallejà

    Imma Pallejà

    MBA Director and mentor in Financial Management, Professor and business management consultant since
  • Santiago Sánchez

    Santiago Sánchez

    Internet pioneer, with a long experience in business and projects in the digital and technological area.
  • Borja Piñeiro

    Borja Piñeiro

    UX-UI design coordinator at Prosegur with experience in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Fermín Cuasante

    Fermín Cuasante

    Economist and MBA, Investor.
  • Paulo Revilla photo

    Paulo Revilla

    Senior Manager - Head of Services at Endeavor
  • Àlex Alegret

    Àlex Alegret

    Experienced at management level in Sales, Trade Marketing and Business Development
  • Ramón Martín De Pozuelo

    Rosario De Castro

    Digital marketing and customer experience, Sales and commercial networks, Product and service launches, Senior advisor for startups, Lecturer in business schools and Business Angel.
  • Alfredo Díaz-Araque

    Alfredo Díaz-Araque

    Expert in proptech and digital transformation of the real estate sector.
  • Montserrat Peñarroya

    Montserrat Peñarroya

    Speaker and consultant, expert in the management of Digital Companies, with extensive experience in Tourism, Culture and Education.
  • Esther Somoza photo

    Esther Somoza

    Founder DelSom Consultores
  • Jose Emilio Serra photo

    José Emilio Serra

    Energy Sector Expert
  • Emilio Guerra

    Emilio Guerra

    Consulting practice in strategy, entrepreneurship and digital transformation
  • Ramón Martín De Pozuelo

    Ramón Martín De Pozuelo

    Research experience in data networks, Smart Grids and Smart Cities.
  • Jordi Dalmau

    Jordi Dalmau

    PhD in Telecommunications. Experience in business development, purchasing and logistics.
  • Ignacio Esplugues

    Ignacio Esplugues

    Experience in technology-based multinational companies, mainly in the service and commercial areas.
  • Xavier Balague photo

    Xavier Balagué

    Linkedin InStruct · Specialist in Digital Marketing and B2B Business Development
  • Jean Philippe Nadier

    Jean Philippe Nadier

    Global human resources consultant with 20+ years of international experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, onboarding, training and development, outplacement and career guidance.
  • Maite Pérez

    Maite Pérez

    Extensive experience in entrepreneurship, technology, financing, venture capital and innovation.
  • Cristina Sáenz De Pipaón

    Cristina Sáenz De Pipaón

    Innovation manager · Impact Entrepreneur · Passionate about innovation and tech transfer
  • Robert Burgell photo

    Robert Burgell

    Venture Capital Lawyer · Legal advisor for Investment funds
  • Enrique Nogales

    Enrique Nogales

    Digital business specialist, passionate about new technologies, startups and entrepreneurship. Experienced in all aspects of eCommerce.
  • Josep Jorge photo

    Josep Jorge

    Partner-Director at Fomenti
  • Esther Cid photo

    Esther Cid

    Psychologist · Global Talent Partner · Forbes Most Creative in Business
  • Miguel A López Trujillo photo

    Miguel A. López Trujillo

    Business & Fundraising Coach
  • Rafael Espinosa

    Rafael Espinosa

    Professional in management of companies and startups in national and international markets. Application of goal-oriented management.
  • Jimena Llopis photo

    Jimena Llopis

    Regional Director The Alpha Group International
  • Jordi Molla photo

    Jordi Molla

    Advisor, trainer and coach