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iGrid T&D unites an interdisciplinary team of professionals with diverse experience and deep knowledge in controlling energy networks.



VITUM es un servicio de trazabilidad y protección contra el fraude de pallets y mercancías. Consiste en una plataforma tecnológica mediante la cual el usuario puede acceder a las diferentes funcionalidades y soluciones que ofrecemos para paliar las necesidades del sector.



The main area of Techmo’s activity consists of implementing business solutions in the scope of speech technology and computer processing of natural language.

Soft Edge


SOFT EDGE is a top-end IT company delivering innovative solutions tailored to your business needs. Their main goal is to improve operational processes by implementing novel technologies such as mobile applications and continuous service development to make things happen “Automagically”.

Parcela Ja


Parcela Já is a Fintech start-up company and began its operations in 2017. The company is focused on installment payments, at no cost whatsoever for end customers. The developed software allows end customers to pay their purchased products or services over the store counter from 2 to 6 times with their credit card, without any interest or charges and without any bureaucracies or waiting time for credit approval.



Optimatik delivers industrial processes optimization solutions.​ They provide plants and warehouses management access to selected performance metrics, thanks to the acquirement of data from various measurements systems. Those metrics provide a foundation for the preparation and implementation of the ​optimization recommendations,​which maintain the ​performance of the plant while reducing cost​spending.

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