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Vilim ball


VILIM balI - is a sertified, medical therapeutic device for hand tremor reduction. Daily use of VILIM ball gives ET patients a relief from the symptoms for the time they need to perform ordinary-life tasks, such as eating, drinking, writing, etc.



Nutrix is developing innovative sensors for digital health monitoring based on biomarkers in saliva. The core development focuses on non-invasive glucose monitoring sensor. The future of glucose monitoring!



Medigoo sells home health analysis test kits and devices and provides free online health information for consumers.



atSpiro’s smart laboratory device, based on unique, patented sensor technology, helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies develop micro-organism for production. TheatSpiro bioreactor is easy to use and fits with the current R&D infrastructure and workflow.

Aether Biomedical


They're Medical Technology innovators transforming lives through impactful innovations. Their platform is designed to increase the involvement of medical fraternity in the process of medical technology innovation.

Yasyt Robotics


YASYT is a company that was founded to develop social robotics programs for voice and artificial intelligence devices in hospital-acquired, home-based, and assisting partner hospital environments. They aim to optimize the care process, improve the user's experience and facilitate the work of workers, by innovating existing circuits through robotics.

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