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Connecting the Digital to the Physical, Nologis specializes in creating interactions between the digital and physical world to help extend relationships with customers. Their flexible platform and mobile SDKs allow enhance and maximize customer engagement strategies.



IDenfy is an online identity verification company, helping to reduce fraud and making business smoother and more profitable. We created our product to help businesses comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and support electronic identity verification requirements(eIDV).



The digital transformation of businesses. Automation of business processes and remote monitoring of machines and their operators.

Yasyt Robotics


YASYT is a company that was founded to develop social robotics programs for voice and artificial intelligence devices in hospital-acquired, home-based, and assisting partner hospital environments. They aim to optimize the care process, improve the user's experience and facilitate the work of workers, by innovating existing circuits through robotics.

Safe Gear


Safe Gear is focusing on safety and security products such as fire safety, retail security, personal security, safes, first aid equipment and defibrillators. They provide these products to private consumers as well as businesses and only offer high quality products with tested certifications in order ensure safe and long lasting products..

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