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Dexma Sensors


DEXMA Platform is a cloud-based AI software that combines Big Data Analytics with Energy Efficiency to help thousands of facility managers, energy auditors and building owners worldwide to detect, analyse and optimise energy consumption and costs while becoming more sustainable.

Yasyt Robotics


YASYT is a company that was founded to develop social robotics programs for voice and artificial intelligence devices in hospital-acquired, home-based, and assisting partner hospital environments. They aim to optimize the care process, improve the user's experience and facilitate the work of workers, by innovating existing circuits through robotics.



Human and Artificial Intelligence collaborating in the cloud.

Neurite provides software solutions to transform the continuously growing available data into useful knowledge to assist in decision-making processes.

Earth Pulse


Earth pulse mission is to unlock the value of Earth Observation data. We use Artificial Intelligence to absorb complexity and cost, providing actionable knowledge to our users.

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